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October 11, 2022





Cargo Concert Hall


255 N. Virginia Street


$ 20.00 USD

Hailing from rural Wellsville, New York –almost exactly two hours south of nowhere, it’s not surprising that there wasn’t much of a music scene. So, in the absence of one, Nick Anderson built one from scratch. In search of like-minded souls who loved the punk and alternative sounds he preferred, Nick turned to the internet. He recruited Aaron Kelley, Billy Nally, and Nick “Schmizz” Schmidt, to road test a new band: The Wrecks. The band’s top five tracks on Spotify have listened to more than 80 million times, & their first single was a Top 40 Alternative Radio hit. Their most recent single, the post-breakup anthem “I Love This Part” finds the Wrecks’ music evolving as they approach the completion of their second album. As they progress towards an even more extensive reach that far extends above the foundation they have already built, The Wrecks are poised for a wide-open road.