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October 5, 2024





Cargo Concert Hall


255 North Virginia Street


$ 20.00 USD

Riot Ten, the moniker of Christopher Wilson from El Paso, Texas, is a dominating force in the world of bass music, celebrated for his electrifying fusion of dubstep, trap, and bass. Bursting onto the scene with hits like "Rail Breaker" and "F**k It," Riot Ten has captivated audiences with his hard-hitting beats and aggressive soundscapes. His music, marked by thunderous drops and relentless energy, has made him a favorite at major festivals and clubs around the globe. Known for his high-octane live performances, Riot Ten delivers an unforgettable experience that keeps crowds moving from start to finish. His innovative style and unyielding passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic music make him a standout artist in the bass music community. Whether he's headlining a festival stage or igniting the dance floor in an intimate club, Riot Ten consistently brings an unparalleled level of intensity and excitement to his shows. All Riot Ten ticket holders may receive 10% off food purchases inside Cafe Whitney on the day of the show when presenting their ticket stub to a server (not inclusive of any other offers). No refunds will be made following doors open for the show. If you wish to have your tickets refunded, please request your tickets to be refunded prior to the end of the day on the 4th.