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September 29, 2023




Cargo Concert Hall


255 North Virginia Street


$ 30.50 USD

03 Greedo, also known as Jason Jamal Jackson, is an American rapper and producer from Los Angeles, California. He's known for his West Coast hip-hop and trap hip-hop. His music is an amalgamation of stoner rock, R&B, emo, funk, gangsta rap, and deep south trap. 03 Greedo's music has a smooth flow and raspy vocals. His soundscapes can be psychedelic and bluesy, and make you feel like you're floating or being encircled by enemies. He's able to freestyle whole albums in a day. 03 Greedo's rhymes are multi-faceted and heavy on references to drugs, struggle, and fame. He's released over 20 mixtapes and albums. He began to gain recognition for his Purple Summer mixtape series which started in 2016.